Healthy St. Patrick’s Day dishes

Healthy St. Patrick’s Day dishes

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! How do you celebrate? A parade or Celtic concert? Wearing shamrocks and shades of green? Or perhaps a trip to the pub for a pint of green beer and Guinness Pie?

Irish or not, it’s fun to get into the spirit of the day!

Make your St. Paddy’s party convenient and healthy with nutritious Creamers on the menu alongside the traditional corned beef and cabbage. Creamy Little Potatoes will add depth and flavor to a traditional Irish potato soup, too. Besides, what’s more Irish than potatoes?

A key staple in the 1800s, many Irish existed on a diet of milk and potatoes, providing all the nutrients a family needed. The potato’s high yields meant that a poor farmer—and even children—could grow healthy food without needing to make a costly investment in labor and equipment. The widespread availability of potatoes, well suited to Ireland’s climate and soil, curbed infant mortality and increased marriages at earlier ages. Because of that, the potato dramatically influenced Ireland’s population, according to History Magazine.

Today, potatoes are still just as good for us, convenient and versatile. Try our best quick and delicious dishes to adorn your festive dinner table:

Hearty potato stew

Low-cal and perfect for filling up your guests, smoky ham rounds off this Creamer Potato & Ham Soup—ready in less than 20 minutes. Thyme and bay leaves add aromatic zing to tender Blushing Belle Creamers in a thick broth.

 Green-colored Little Potatoes

Chimichurri Roasted Potato & Chicken makes a gorgeous green dish, thanks to chopped flat leaf parsley tossed with our red and yellow Dynamic Duo Creamers and boneless, skinless chicken thighs. At just 233 calories, it’s healthy and simple to prepare with minimal clean-up!

Green soup

Easy, tasty and nutritious: not only is this luscious vegan soup savory, it’s green! Cheesy Potato and Asparagus Soup combines tender, fresh early spring asparagus with sweet red onions, carrots, celery and vegan cheddar cheese. Blushing Belle Creamers give it the velvety texture. Prep the night before, then set on the stove for a 20-minute simmer and serve—ideally with some Irish soda bread on the side. Add a shamrock-shaped dollop of sour cream and green fennel sprig to garnish.


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