Grilling with Creamer Potatoes

Grilling doesn’t have to be stressful—it can be easy and fun with the right ingredient! My all-time favorite vegetable to grill is the Creamer potato. Grilling Creamer potatoes is so simple because you don’t have to wash or peel them, and they’re evenly sized to cook perfectly every time. Here are some of my best grilling tips on everything on how to properly grease your grill to how to cook your potatoes to perfection, every time.

Three Basic Ways to Grill Creamer Potatoes

There are three main ways to cook Little potatoes on the grill, you can either:

  1. Place directly on the grill
  2. Cook in a baking pan on the grill
  3. Or go cowboy-style in a cast iron skillet

How to Grease your Grill and Choose the Right Oil for the Job 

Choosing the right cooking oil is very important if you don’t want your grill going up in flames. You want to choose oil that can take the heat! I like to use peanut oil or grapeseed oil.

Greasing your grill is simple! Just add a little of your oil into a small bowl, take a piece of paper towel, and grab a pair of tongs. Let your grill warm up, and then rub the oil-soaked paper towel along the grill to get it ready to go.

Cut Down Cooking Time with Your Microwave

In a hurry? Don’t worry! Use your Microwave to cut down cooking time. Just pop your Creamer potatoes in the microwave for about three minutes to par cook before placing them on the grill.

You can also use an Oven | Grill Ready kit—they come with the seasoning and the grilling tray all in one, so all you have to do is toss in some oil and put them on the grill!

Try This Easy Recipe: Grilled Creamer Potatoes with Rosemary

Here’s a simple recipe I like to use for basic grilled potatoes. You’ll need:

  • Creamer potatoes
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • fresh rosemary

Toss all the ingredients in a bowl and you’re good to go!

For Cooking Directly on the Grill: Use Skewers

If you’re cooking your Creamer potatoes directly on the grill, use skewers to prevent them from rolling around. There are two kinds of skewers you can use: metal skewers and wooden skewers.

If you use wooden skewers, make sure you soak them for at least 20 minutes before you start cooking so they don’t burn too quickly! Metal skewers are my favorite. They’re awesome because you can really control the grill markings on the potatoes, metal skewers will never burn, and you can reuse them!

Cooking on Direct Heat Versus Indirect Heat

However you choose to cook your potatoes, the area of the grill you cook on is important. You want to know where the flame is coming from to decide if you want to cook directly on the flame or indirectly on another part of the grill will result in different textures of potatoes.

Direct heat: Means to cook right over the flames on your grill. This way will give you a crispier potato, but you have to turn the potatoes part way through cooking to make sure they cook evenly on both sides.

Indirect heat: Means to cook away from the flames. This way will give you a more tender and moist potato, and you don’t have to turn them like with direct heat.

And there you have it! A basic overview to get you started with cooking Creamer potatoes over the grill. Ready to start grilling? Take a look at some of these delicious recipes.

Chef Antoine Sicotte

Antoine Sicotte is many things: a rebel, a dedicated father, a man who is passionate about vintage guitars who loves to rock and have a good time.

But first and foremost, he is someone who loves to express himself through his cooking. He is a self-taught enthusiast who enjoys exploring…

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