Ready to knead, mix, grate, and… spill?

Cooking with children can be so fun—as long as you’re prepared for the mess! But seriously, who cares? It really is a lovely way to bond with your kids, create special memories, and get them on track to healthy nutrition and good eating habits. Having the right recipe is the key. You want something simple, with few ingredients, and big payoffs.

Get started with some tips on fun family moments, then assemble in the kitchen for these three fun recipes to make and eat together.

Spicy Bacon-Wrapped Little Potatoes


These are easy for children of any age to prepare—perfect for a warm snack or kid party appetizer. And, honestly, what doesn’t taste better with bacon on it?  Have the kids season Little Reds and toss to coat with olive oil. Wrap each in a bacon strip and roast on a baking sheet. Leave out the hot sauce for sensitive snackers.

Mashed Potato Balls


These are crispy outside, creamy inside, and best eaten warm from the skillet.  Try dipping in Ranch dressing or any of your favorite dips. Take this opportunity to show the kids how to organize the mise en place, measuring and prepping all ingredients into little containers ready to go beforehand. Young chefs will especially like all the mixing that goes on in various bowls.

What you do is roll mashed Little Yellows mixed with bread stuffing and cheese into small spheres, dip in egg wash, roll in herbs and Panko breadcrumbs, and sear in olive oil. (If you make this dish with little ones, be sure a parent does the panfrying.) The kids can garnish with fresh parsley, an ideal natural breath freshener and easy to grow, should they decide to start a mini chef’s garden.

Pizza Smashed Potatoes


Not only is this one tasty, it only requires four ingredients. Older children can watch the recipe video and prepare it on their own (with you sneakily supervising in the background, of course). Start with A Little Savory Herb Little Potatoes. The kids can microwave the tray, then combine the potatoes with a dash of olive oil or butter and the included seasoning pack.

Next, they get to smash the soft-cooked Little Potatoes with the bottom of a glass to make the pizza “crust.” The final step is topping with tomato sauce, pepperoni, and Mozzarella, and a last microwave to melt the pizza into gooey yumminess.

Now, they’ll be making you dinner—the ultimate success.