For Dad: the essential Father’s Day gift guide

For Dad: the essential Father’s Day gift guide For Dad: the essential Father’s Day gift guide

Dads do so much every day, so it’s good to give them a shout out and big official thanks at least once a year. Put something special together this Father’s Day to show how much you appreciate him.

Here are our top picks to celebrate dad.

BBQ basket

Guys and grills? Like steak and potatoes—a classic combo. If your guy likes to barbecue, give him a festive basket loaded with the essentials: some heavy-duty oven mitts (Mustard and Co. makes one that looks like a baseball glove), a fun or funny apron, a grill brush, a bottle of zesty BBQ sauce, a spice rub, and your favorite pack of Oven|Grill Ready Little Potatoes.

A grill to go

Speaking of barbecuing, a high-end gas grill is a thing of beauty, and Weber is the undisputed master. If you are going all out, consider the sleek, portable—and brag-worthy—Q1000 model.

A splash of style

Some dads are dandys, but others would welcome a little fashion input. Spunky socks are popular, so get your man something trendy and stylish that matches his personality. He’ll feel pampered—and cool.

Dad’s World

What would he really love? A day off to go fishing? Someone else to tackle his top three most-despised chores? An afternoon in the hammock or poker night out with the guys? Make it happen.

Feed his hobby

Fisherman? Get him a handsome new fly rod. Gourmet? What about a fancy coffee maker? Find something to embellish his favorite collection.

Music to his ears

Great tunes are always a hit. Give dad a wireless Bluetooth speaker to add some (good-quality) music to his life. Bose’s offerings are tops when it comes to superb sound.

Something cozy

A luxe quality, old-school robe is a must for every man. If he doesn’t have one, pick out something really snazzy and masculine, perhaps flannel or splurge on cashmere for the ultimate in plush.

Dinner in the La-Z Boy

There’s nothing like a no-frills TV dinner in the recliner in front of the game or a great action movie. Deliver dad a hearty meal made and cleaned up entirely by you: grilled chicken with easy BBQ Potatoes and Veggie Medley or Steak and Potatoes in 20 Minutes—only you need to know how quick ‘n easy it actually was!

Whatever you do, get creative and get personal. It’s his day and your chance to make him feel extra special.


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