Feed your family with our new 3 lb Creamer bags

Feed your family with our new 3 lb Creamer bags

You’ve got a big clan? Or perhaps you’re hosting a feast for the relatives? We’ve got the Creamers to feed ‘em—all in one package. Good news for families in Canada: our new family-sized 3 lb little potato bags have arrived!

Here’s why you’re going to love these:

It’s a great value.

You get our same naturally buttery-tasting, healthy, low-cal Little Potatoes, only more of them. So you can easily feed the whole gang, famished teens included. One 3-lb/1.4-kg gusset bag delivers 8 – 9 servings.

Easy to haul:

This one seems small, but it’s huge. Ever lugged a sack of potatoes to the front door, only to have the bag blow out the bottom, scattering spuds all over the front porch? Not with these resistant totes. They’re the same sturdy material as our 1.5 lb bags, but with a convenient carrying handle built in at the top. It resembles a smiley face for a reason—no more grocery disasters!

They’re convenient

Pre-washed and no peeling required, these are ready to cook right out of the bag, like all of our Little Potatoes. Our Creamers are also a tasty, nutritious meal option, a great source of potassium and iron, and just 120 calories per serving.

They come in three different varieties:

Try these delicious recipes for each one:



Our signature Little Charmer Reds are slightly sweet and earthy, with a luscious velvety texture. Use these with Spicy Nacho Potato Bites, perfect as a family fiesta starter or healthy snack while catching the latest on-screen sports game.Tex Mex




Tex Mex

Smooth and silky, Little Charmer Yellows are versatile. Use these in just about any recipe, really. We like Tex Mex Potato Nuggets for Game Day
parties and rich-creamy-gooey Chicken Cordon Bleu Scalloped Potatoes, the best version of this dish around, ideal for a hearty dinner.




Pretty in blue, red and yellow, Terrific Trio Variety Pack has excellent plate appeal and visual pop. The complex taste profile of the three mixes minerality with buttery and sweet. Pull these out when you want to impress the in-laws.

Terrific Trio Potato Salad is an eye-candy stunner, the optimal late summer, hot-weather vegetarian entrée or makes a colorful side to grilled fish, poultry or beef, and it’s simple to prepare.

Available now in grocery stores across Canada.


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