Fabulous fall harvest salads with Little Potatoes

Fabulous fall harvest salads with Little Potatoes

Salads aren’t just for summer. In fact, the autumn harvest brings all kinds of delicious options fresh from the field: fall spinach, pears, kale, Italian greens, grapes, beans, Brussel sprouts, Swiss chard, and creamy, tender Little Potatoes. You’ll want to take full advantage of the best of the season.

Fall dishes can be heavy, so you can lighten it up with healthy, crunchy and interesting salad combos to complement your protein of choice, whether it’s lentil stew, chicken pot pie, tofu burgers, grilled fish or beef. Think “sweet and salty”.

Here are some winning combos:

  • caramelized Brussel sprouts with blue cheese and bacon
  • beets, spinach, capers, and hard-boiled eggs
  • pomegranate and pear
  • parmesan and candied pears

Here’s our selection of recipes for the very best autumn salads:

Fall flavors

Warm Creamer Potato Salad has cool weather meal written all over it: earthy button mushrooms, wilted baby spinach, and creamy chickpeas. Blushing Belle Creamers – velvety and slightly sweet—caramelize beautifully, while cumin, rosemary and garlic add depth to the flavors. Serve immediately after dousing in the hot dressing. Luscious!

Classic with a twist

Light & Healthy Roasted Potato Salad transforms traditionally rich potato salad into a fresh, calorie-wise alternative. Basically, you just roast, mix and toss. Terrific Trio Creamers lend visual appeal in hues of red, yellow and blue. Combine peppers, green onion, dill, Dijon and dill pickles, plus a dash of red wine vinegar, for a bright and zesty flavor profile. Serve warm, or at room temp.

Easy, pretty, crunchy

This one is super simple, but looks fantastic. Green Bean and Potato Salad spotlights crisp haricot vert and delivers on looks, thanks to delicate purple chive blossoms, though any dried edible flowers will do. Subtle and mild, yellow Boomer Gold Creamers blend nicely with the tangy accents of lemon juice, Dijon, basil, and chives. Just add a fish (breaded, pan fried filet of sole with a side of tartar sauce), or pork chops with applesauce, and dinner is served.

Colorful and earthy

A root vegetable, beets are a perfect accompaniment to any fall (or winter) entrée. First, there’s the gorgeous merlot color. Then, there’s the distinctive mineral taste; roasted, they caramelize into candied nuggets. Potato and Beet Salad mixes red-skinned Blushing Belle Creamers with pickled beets, dill, apple cider vinegar, and a homemade honey vinaigrette. Substitute with oven-roasted versus pickled beets if you like (just toss them in olive oil and S&P before cooking) and serve with a buttery sable fish, roasted duck, or stewed beef.

German-style hearty

Warm Bacon Potato Salad will give you a richness to match the chill in the air, and salty, smoky bacon adds coziness. Pair this German-inspired potato salad with glazed pork chops and a little sauerkraut. We’ve simplified the traditional method by swapping boiling the potatoes with our ready-to-use Microwave Ready Creamers, which are ready in five minutes.

Whatever your fall salad favorite, have fun, get creative and get into the season. Pull out that cashmere cardigan and put away the summer sandals. It’s time to savor a crunchy apple, the changing leaves, and the crisp bite in the air.


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