Little Potatoes are our business. So of course when it comes to time-saving, impact-driven tricks of the trade, our chefs have lots up their sleeves. Have you tried these?

Our top five clever Creamer tips from the pros:

1. Color saver 


Add a splash of white vinegar to your Little Potato cooking water to keep the nice bright colors of our Little Trios. Vinegar also keeps taste locked in and prevents overcooking.

2. Season when hot


If you add your herbs when they’re still hot, the Creamers absorb the flavors better.
Try this when using our Microwave Ready Little Potatoes or mashing potatoes for maximum oomph.

3. Mandolin 

No, we’re not talking about the Italian musical instrument. A chef’s best friend, this precision kitchen tool can shave Creamers wafer-thin for nachos or homemade chips, make uniform scalloped potato slices, ruffle for a fancy effect or grate for Crispy Rosti PotatoesIt also yields perfect wedges for crispy roasted Little Fingerlings.

4. Goodbye peeler


Ditch the peeler. This is probably the most time-intensive part of potato prep—and you can skip it with our Creamers, which need no peeling. (No washing, either, since we pre-wash for you.)

5. Hello, microwave

The days of scoffing at microwave cooking are over—it’s actually the preferred cooking method when it comes to preserving nutrients, says the Harvard Medical School. And, it’s quick. Creamers cook in just five minutes.

The rule of thumb is: you can pretty much substitute boiling in any recipe for microwaving. Presto!

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