Delicious recipes for your holiday leftovers

Delicious recipes for your holiday leftovers Delicious recipes for your holiday leftovers

Holiday leftovers are wonderful. After all the cooking, it’s always gratifying to see the fridge packed with Tupperwares of mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, and turkey, turkey, turkey. The challenge, though, is making it all interesting the second, and third, time around. How to?

Just a little creative outside input is all you need. Try these terrific takes using feast extras. No one will ever suspect these are recycled meals!

If your leftover is cranberry sauce, make…

Vegan Thanksgiving-style Smashed Potatoes. Rich, earthy mushrooms paired with tart cranberries and slightly sweet Blushing Belles make this a pretty entrée or appetizer. Drizzle with a soy-miso-mushroom gravy and sprinkle with aromatic fresh thyme. Delicious.

If your leftover is turkey, make…

Turkey Pinwheels with Potato, Cheddar and Apple. This recipe is so festive, it warrants another dinner party. Pound leftover turkey breast flat and butterfly, then stuff with red and yellow Dynamic Duo Creamers, chopped pecans, apple, cheddar, fresh rosemary and cream, and tie the whole bundle with kitchen string. Then bake to a golden brown—a gorgeous, seasonal dish!

If your leftover is pumpkin, make…

Creamy Little Potato Pumpkin Soup. Pumpkin is versatile: sweet, satisfying and creamy. This easy recipe with sugar pumpkin and silky Boomer Gold Creamers makes a healthy comfort-food starter or main, ideal for warming up on chilly winter eves. Garlic, nutmeg, ginger and red pepper flakes add just the right amount of zip. Sprinkle with pepitas (pumpkin seeds) before serving.

If your leftover is mashed potatoes, make…

Country Style Smashed Garlic Potatoes. This country-style twist is much more interesting than the traditional version. Modify the recipe by taking your plain mashed potatoes and adding in nutty roasted garlic, plus butter and cream to taste. If you don’t have enough to serve everyone, boil (or microwave) and mash in tri-color Terrific Trio Creamers to lend texture and visual appeal. Or just make these from scratch—prep time is only 10 minutes—and serve with your other leftovers. Garnish with chopped fresh parsley. Bon appètit!


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