Cooking Together: Little Chef Owen and Kids Helping in the Kitchen

Cooking Together: Little Chef Owen and Kids Helping in the Kitchen

A great example of a family who enjoys cooking together is our very own Little Chef Owen, a runner-up in last year’s Little Chef competition, and his family. That is what this year’s competition—Little Chef: Family Edition—is all about, cooking together!

As part of our Little Chef blog series we’re talking about Cooking Together over the next few weeks. We will share tips from last year’s Little Chef Winner Arnav, and this week we’re talking to Little Chef runner-up Owen and his Mom, JJ. Last week they told us about their trip to Montreal (and meeting Chef Chuck Hughes), now we have some fun tips on cooking together from them, and more.

Cooking Together

Do you cook together often, and what do you like to cook with your family?

Owen – I love cooking anything and everything for my family. There is nothing better than when they are happy with what I have cooked.

Mom, JJ – My husband and I cook almost every meal with Owen.

What’s it like as a parent, to cook with your kids?

Mom, JJ – It is wonderful to see your child learn a lifelong skill. Cooking for nutritional reasons is so important. With the increase in fast food and our busy lives, it is hard to find the time to cook but with a little preparation, making a meal is not so hard. It is also an amazing way to bond with your child! And, as busy working parents—how great is it to have help in the kitchen!

Has cooking helped Owen?

Mom, JJ – Cooking has helped Owen to become more creative and adventurous in his tastes. It has helped him understand and appreciate the time it takes into getting a meal ready. Owen is also very active in judo, wrestling, rugby and school sports so I think cooking is an artistic outlet for him.

How can kids help in the kitchen?

Owen – Kids can help in so many ways. Kids can chop things, they mix things together, they can crack eggs—really anything to make cooking and eating fun is a great way to help in the kitchen. One super easy ingredient to use is microwave Little Potatoes. You just pop in the microwave for 5 minutes and mix them up. There you have a delicious side.

Why do you like cooking with Little Potatoes?

Owen – I like cooking with Little Potatoes for lots of reasons. One—they are great in soups because you don’t have to peel them. Also, mashed potatoes using the Little Creamers are amazing. There are also lots of different Little Potatoes to choose from and it’s amazing that each one tastes different.

 Stick around for more tips and experiences learned from last year’s Little Chef winner Arnav and runner-up Owen, for our Little Chef—Cooking Together series.

Little Chef Owen

Owen began cooking at the age of five, when it ignited his passion for culinary adventures ever since. From Alberta, Canada, he is now 13 years old, in grade eight. Owen also has an older brother, Logan, and a twin brother Ethan.

Cooking is a creative outlet for Owen, it’s why…

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