Cooking Together: Little Chef Arnav’s Recipe and Tips to Get Kids Cooking in the Kitchen

Cooking Together: Little Chef Arnav’s Recipe and Tips to Get Kids Cooking in the Kitchen

Last week Little Chef Arnav shared about his Family trip to Rome. This week, he has a delicious Little Potato recipe to share – and kids’ cooking tips, too!

First, we talked about why he enjoys our Creamer potatoes, “I love the Little Potato Company’s potatoes by far and not only are they delicious, it is really ideal for cooking. These Creamer potatoes are small and easy to deal with when cooking.” Arnav says he loves the creaminess and how they enhance the flavor in dishes he makes.

On weekends and holidays, Arnav enjoys cooking with his family and without a doubt, he loves our potatoes. We love them too and were happy to hear him say, “These are the best potatoes I have ever eaten.”

Some of the other dishes he likes to cook are chicken biryani, pull-apart bread, and lasagna!  Yum.

How can kids help? Little Chef Arnav says to start simple!

Getting kids to cook in the kitchen doesn’t have to be hard, we even have some cooking tips by age. At the Little Potato Company, we believe it’s important for kids to learn to cook. So we asked our Little Chef Arnav directly, how can kids help in the kitchen?

“Kids can help by starting off simple. This includes simple jobs such as bringing plates out, mixing ingredients, etcetera, just to familiarize yourself,” Arnav recommends.

He adds, “Then, try making breakfast for your family; it can be just cereal and milk! Once kids are in the kitchen, they are going to enjoy learning how to actually cook. So, don’t jump straight to cooking recipes on your own, but start slow.”

Lastly, he shared an important reminder, “Have an adult at the beginning and do not try dangerous stuff in the kitchen (like gas, knives, or the oven) unless you have supervision or you are permitted to.”

With those great tips from our resident Little Chef, here’s his latest creation featuring our Creamer potatoes.

Recipe: Potato Manchurian by Little Chef Arnav

Get the recipe details here for Little Potato Manchurian.

At the Little Potato Company, we love to inspire kids and families to cook together as part of our Little Chef program, try this recipe at home and share on social media if you give it a try. Just tag us @LittlePotatoCo!

If you love to cook together with your family, you can be a part of cooking together in our Little Chef Program, learn more about Little Chef: Family Edition, open for entries until October 22, 2017.

Little Chef Arnav

Arnav was the winner of our  2016 Little Chef Competition!

He loves to cook because it’s a fun hobby for him, and he loves trying out new recipes. He also loves math, playing the saxophone, solving puzzles, and playing chess!

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