Cooking Together: Little Chef Arnav’s Family Trip to Rome

Cooking Together: Little Chef Arnav’s Family Trip to Rome

Continuing with our Cooking Together series for Little Chef, we caught up with Arnav and his Mom, Priya, about their family summer trip to Rome, Italy – for their Little Chef competition prize! Little Chef Arnav was our Little Chef winner for the 2016 competition.

Here’s what Arnav and Mom, Priya, had to share about their experience since last year and their family trip to Rome, Italy!

A year later, how does it feel to have been in our Little Chef Competition?

Arnav It’s hard to believe one year is almost over since I won the competition. I feel grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and use this experience to help me see myself in a culinary future. I definitely think that other kids should join the competition as it is a very exciting experience. Even if they don’t win, there’s nothing to lose and it will only enhance your skills. In addition, you might even end up on T.V!

If you are the winner, trust me, you will have such a great time. Thus, I encourage every child interested in cooking to join!

What have you enjoyed most about seeing Little Chef Arnav in this competition?

Mom (Priya) – Participating in the contest has not only made him a better cook but I see him more confident. It makes me a very proud parent when people recognize him from TV and congratulate him.

Can you tell us about your trip to Rome and the culinary experience?

Arnav – We decided to take a cruise around Europe after winning the Little Chef Competition. We used the prize to not only visit Rome, but many other places such as Venice and ports from the cruise (Kotor, Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos and Dubrovnik). 

Mom (Priya)The Little Chef contest prize is one of the most memorable vacations we have ever taken. We enjoyed it thoroughly. The culinary experience was a very good experience as we got to do an activity as a family that we had never done before. Venice and Santorini (Greece) were the highlights of our trip.

Arnav The culinary experience in Rome was just phenomenal! When we arrived in Rome, later that day we headed over to That’s Amore restaurant for the pizza making tour, where we made pizza from scratch. My favourite part was learning the Italian style of pizza and how it was much different than the pizzas that you get from restaurants in Canada. It was a lot of fun learning how the original pizza was made (it was the best pizza I have ever eaten).

Video: Little Chef Arnav’s Family Trip to Rome

After the family trip, they created this fun video to recap the trip and here are some highlights, and family fun, too!

Little Chef Arnav

Arnav was the winner of our  2016 Little Chef Competition!

He loves to cook because it’s a fun hobby for him, and he loves trying out new recipes. He also loves math, playing the saxophone, solving puzzles, and playing chess!

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