Camping recipes—don’t forget the Creamer potatoes!

When you think camping and food, you probably think wieners on a stick, pork ‘n beans, beef jerky, trail mix and S’mores. Fair enough—they’re all classics, but did you know Creamers potatoes are great for camping recipes, too?

Our little potatoes are made for the grill, and the grill is core to camping. You can use any of our barbecue recipes on the campfire, too. Creamer potatoes cook well sealed in a foil pouch with a dash of olive oil or butter, set on the grate. Simply toss them in salt and pepper and herbs before serving. They are also easy to skewer onto kabobs, either by themselves or mixed in with other veggies and/or meat or tofu. Prepare the kabobs in advance at home and transport in a sealed plastic container or make it a fun family activity and prepare them onsite on the camp table.

Because we harvest our Creamer potatoes at their peak, they cook quickly and uniformly. In addition, they’re pre-washed and don’t need peeling. They are easy to prepare and ready to go. You can use any leftovers into an egg scramble in a skillet over the campfire the next morning for breakfast. Just add sausages or ham, plus some O.J. on the side.

Even simpler are our Oven|Grill Ready Creamers potatoes. These come in their own (recyclable) roasting tray, so you can cook them right on the grill. And because seasonings are included, this streamlines your packing, also minimizing pots, pans and cleanup! Just be sure to bring along oven mitts and a little olive oil or butter.

Here are a couple of flavor combinations we like: Garlic Herb, pairs nicely with grilled salmon, seafood or tofu, and the Onion Medley—a perfect match with burgers or hot dogs.

Try these terrific BBQ recipes on your next trip to the great outdoors. You’ll love the fact that these are tasty, healthy and super easy. More time for relaxing by the campfire under the stars! Happy camping. 

Easy Steak and Creamer Potato Kabobs

Use Garlic Herb Oven|Grill Ready Creamers; marinate in advance and pack metal skewers.

Cowboy Hashbrowns

If poached eggs are too fussy, just crack sunny side up eggs over the Creamers during the last three minutes of cooking.

Potato Shish Kabobs in the Oven

Use one of our Oven|Grill Ready Creamers and pack metal skewers.

Sausage, Creamer Potato & Egg Skillet

Pack the skillet and oven mitts. Bring your choice of Oven|Grill Ready Creamers. This one makes a hearty breakfast or brinner.

Potato Skewers with Garlic Aioli

Boil, drain and chill the potatoes in advance at home. Mix the herbs and store in a plastic container. Make the aioli at home and pack in the cooler.


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