Many of us are trying to eat less red meat these days, especially since doctors are recommending we fill our plates mainly with vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, in order to stay fit and healthy.

In fact, “the data support benefits of a plant-based diet for improving long-term health by lowering both cancer and heart disease,” says the Mayo Clinic. “Think of meat as a flavorful accent rather than the main focus of meals.”

With that in mind, here’s a list of delicious recipes for Meatless Mondays—though you can certainly enjoy them on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or any other day, for that matter. And meatless doesn’t have to mean bland, either. These dishes are packed with tantalizing tastes and textures. You won’t even miss the beef!

Fabulous Meatless Monday meals:


With a little, but not too much heat, Creamy Cashew Curry Potato Soup is not only a lovely shade of cool green, it’s got layers of flavors: ginger, celery, roasted cashews, turmeric (a trendy health favorite), and cilantro, plus curry, of course, and chili oil. Silky Little Duos create a nice smooth texture. (This dish is also vegan and gluten-free.)

Veg Bowl

You can enjoy a Vegan Roasted Veggie Thanksgiving Bowl any time of year, a stand-out flavor contrast combo pairing sweet, soft, caramelized carrots and acorn squash roasted in brown sugar with crunchy broccoli and Brussels sprouts. At the center is a dollop of creamy mashed Little Yellows accented with (vegan) gravy, tart cranberry sauce, and nutty pecans.


Taleggio Potato Gratin is a casserole of layered Creamers, sautéed kale, and aromatic thyme, plus tangy Parmesan and Taleggio, a soft Italian cheese. Crispy bread crumbs sprinkled over top make an appealing crust.


The vegan Korean Potato Bowl is a looker. It also tastes amazing, too: a sweet-savory, yin-yang mix of sticky rice, kimchi (a traditional Korean fermented cabbage side dish), sweet and tender Little Reds, sesame carrots and tangy cucumbers doused in a rice wine vinegar, garlic, soy, and agave sauce. Top with slivered green onions and strips of nori (Japanese edible seaweed).

Potato pancakes

Inspired by the Jewish kitchen, Vegetarian Stuffed Potato Patties are hearty and satisfying, a true comfort food staple. Similar to traditional Bastilles or Kolduny, mashed Little Yellows form breadcrumb-crusted patties. These are then sautéed to a golden brown and flavored with mushrooms, onion, and paprika. Serve hot with tahini sauce or ketchup. Delish!

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