Holiday time! It’s here. Food is central to the season; ditto for entertaining. Just get into it. Creamer Potatoes make a great addition to any party. Pre-washed, with no peeling required, they are quick and easy.

If you think about the holidays in categories, the main ones are large-scale celebrations, intimate dinners, potlucks, and “little work required.”

Here are our top recommendations for each:

Family Feasts

Rich and buttery, scalloped potatoes are a crowd-pleaser. Try this riff on the classic: Chicken Cordon Bleu Scalloped Potatoes. Make 24 hours ahead in a large casserole dish and refrigerate until party time. Add an exotic accent to the celebration table with King’s Crashed Creamer Potatoes, seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and cured black olives.

Cozy Dinners with Friends

Creamy Slow Cooker Zuppa Toscana makes a pretty first course or main in rustic ceramics. This is a simpler version of the traditional Italian soup with kale and sausages, but your guests won’t taste the difference! Prepare ahead and reheat before serving. Make Chicken Cordon Bleu Scalloped Potatoes (above) as an entrée, but divided them into individual casserole dishes for each guest. Colorful and savory, Roasted Chicken with Fruit and Potatoes marinates overnight and cooks in one pan.


From, Hungarian-style Slow Cooker Goulash Soup with Dumplings melds hearty flavors over eight hours of simmering and fills the house with tasty aromas. Turn on the Crock Pot after breakfast and the dish is ready by 6 pm to set on the host’s serving table.

“Help! I’m Too Tired to Cook.”

Try Boxing Day Soup for leftovers or One Pot Beef and Potatoes—toss in the ingredients and turn on the slow cooker. Easy as pie.