Little potatoes aren’t just for eating. What about a Halloween craft?

Potato prints

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many reasons: dressing up, spook-ing up the house with creepy decorations, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treaters, and candy. It’s also a good excuse to do a craft with the kids. You’ve probably tried potato cut-outs with paint. (Potatoes are especially good for stamping and printing; you can easily make skulls, bats, pointy witch hats, and Jack-o-Lanterns.)


But we bet you haven’t tried this one, it’s pretty hilarious: Hallowing Potato Monsters. Little herb-tossed potato guys (boil or use Microwave Ready) appear to be spewing spinach dip made with mayo, Greek yogurt, olives, and water chestnuts.


What kids don’t like to gross out their friends? No problem with this quick-to-prepare appetizer. It’s vegetarian and gluten-free. Bonus: fans are saying when Halloween is over, these will make perfect “Minions.” If your children are into icky stuff, we’ve seen a “brain” created by piping mashed potatoes through a wide frosting tip.

Here are a few other great ideas out there for combining potatoes with Halloween:

Shrunken heads

A kids’ favorite, Shrunken Little Potato Heads—the scary face options are endless!

Monster Mash

Halloween Mashed Boo-tatoes—Form little triangular ghosts on the dinner plate and stick on some eyes. Similar is the Spooky Shepherd’s Pie: pudgy ghosties with green-pea eyes over a savory pie casserole.

Creepy spiders

Spooky Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole has a sour cream spider web over top. Just add a plastic spider and put it on the party table.


Round Creamers cut in half make nice eyeballs—a sliced black olive can be the pupil. Set out a tray of these or place on top of a pile of pasta or meatloaf slices. Pipe in mashed potatoes, dyed with red food coloring, for a red pupil center or blood-shot eye effect.

Check our Pinterest page for creative Little Potato ideas—and add yours. Have fun on October 31st!