Beautiful, but edible – Top recipes for the holidays

Beautiful, but edible – Top recipes for the holidays

Looks do matter. And who doesn’t want to bite into something as gorgeous as it is delicious? If you’re looking to elevate your holiday feasting table to the next level—from folksy to fine dining—try these head-turning food-as-art recipes. The best part is, they’re not complicated. They just look incredible. Bon appétit!

Eye candy – Deep-purple Creamers make all the difference in Crispy Potatoes with Lemon Crème Fraîche and Dill. Decadent and luscious, these look like jewels on the platter, and the horse radish-lemon zest sauce drizzled over the top adds the right amount of zip. Sprinkle with fresh dill and wow your guests with this impressive appetizer or side dish.

korean-potato-bowl-ilovevegan5Asian – The Korean Potato Bowl is picture-perfect, not to mention very here-and-now. Soy-sriracha-glazed Baby Boomers sprinkled with sesame seeds and green onion slivers, contrast with bright orange, crunchy julienned carrots and cucumber, and crispy shredded dried seaweed. Steamed sticky rice and kimchi add a spicy-sweet dimension. This one deserves a beautiful bowl!

IndulgentChocolate Dipped Sea Salt Potato Chips combine two favorite splurges: salty and sweet. Interesting, unusual and unexpected—they also look beautiful. Our bold Chilean Splash Creamers inject complexity to the flavor, plus visual interest with beautiful swirls of color. Set out on attractive plates as impressive pre-dinner nibbles or a between-course amuse-bouche.

Exotic – It’s the unusual jade-green hue that makes Creamy Cashew Curry Potato Soup a looker. With a hint of spice, this intense purée soup is loaded with flavors, thanks to turmeric, curry powder, and ginger. The smoked paprika-chopped pecan garnish ups the visual ante.

Smoky – Inspired by Swedish smoked fish delicacies, Crispy Potato Bites with Smoked Salmon combines nicely fatty salmon with sharp ‘n sweet red onion, tangy lemon and rich Crème Fraîche on a crisp-breaded potato wedge. These make deliciously complex, satisfying one-bite hors d’ouevres.vegan-vegetable-and-potato-chowder-1

Colorful – Hearty and aromatic Vegetable and Potato Chowder looks fabulous in an elegant white bowl or mug, and makes a perfect winter warm-up starter or main event. Carrots, peppers, corn and Baby Boomer Creamers add texture and substance. Garnish with fresh-cracked pepper and dill.

Gourmet – Rustic and appealing in its simplicity, Roasted Chilean Splash Potatoes with Radishes, Fennel & Proscuitto is a winner with its alluring play of smoky-anise-earthy flavors and varied textures. Serve it on a handsome tray with fresh rosemary sprigs alongside roasted fowl, pork or beef.


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