Boomer Gold and Something Blue: Two extra special Creamer potatoes to fall in love with today!

Boomer Gold and Something Blue: Two extra special Creamer potatoes to fall in love with today!

With so many varietals to choose from we know it may be hard to decide which of our Creamers to pick for your next recipe.

Two delectable choices are Something Blue and Boomer Gold.

These two varietals each have a unique pedigree and offer special tastes and textures that will inspire your cooking.

Yellow and blue skin is not the only difference

These two varietals are unique beyond their bright and nutritious skins.

Boomer Golds, our smallest potato varietal, have a thin yellow skin and flavorful yellow flesh—and absorb little oil when cooked, producing an exquisite, fluffy texture.

Something Blues have a unique and beautiful contrast of colors. The combination of yellow flesh (with purple streaks) and bright bluish purple skin looks gorgeous on your plate! Their sweet, nutty flavor and creamy texture are delicious.

Originating from opposite ends of the world

All our Creamer potato varietals are specialty breeds sourced from around the world and naturally grown locally to their perfect little size at full maturity.

Something Blues were first bred in Chile by a father and son team. Baby Golds originated in the green houses of The Netherlands, as part of a special European breeding program.

How these Creamers are grown

We’re proud to work with passionate and dedicated farmers across North America.

Boomer Golds are one of the very first Little Potato varietals produced. We feel very privileged to be the only company in North America with the rights to grow them!

Boomer Golds thrive in fields with rich soils, and have an 80 to 100 day growing season. Something Blues are grown over a 60 to 80 day period and are only grown and available in Canada at this time. Apologies to our U.S. fans… we’ll be sure to let you know when they show up in your local grocery store!

Something Blue’s have made an appearance as part of our Terrific Trio, and now get to shine on their own with the recent introduction of a special all-blue bag.

Now it’s time to get cooking!

Experiment with these two perfect Little Potatoes in your kitchen today.

Here are two recipes to get your started:

You may find it challenging to decide which of these varietals is the Creamer of the crop, but you’ll have a tasty time trying!

Image: The Baking Beauties

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