Just like your home garden, our Creamer crops need care and attention in order to grow into tasty and nutritious Little Potatoes.

Our field production team works with the most skilled and dedicated farmers across North America to bring you the very best fresh Creamer potatoes—and our partners in the field are important members of the Little Potato family and a big part of our success.

Meet Tyler

One of our awesome growers is Tyler Fletcher from Anchor F Farms in Smoky Lake, Alberta, Canada.

His family has been farming for four generations and the area they currently farm has been in the family since 1986, when his parents settled in the area.

Tyler’s farm is truly a family operation. He farms with his wife, Laura, his parents, Brent and Christine, and his younger brother, Colton.

People make the difference

Tyler exemplifies our philosophy of working with people that are passionate about what they do.

His love of farming helps us grow the most colorful, tasty, and nutritious Creamer potato varietals—like the Little Reds he is harvesting again this year.

And it’s great to hear that our people are one of the reasons Tyler enjoys working with us.

“I think the people are what make the Little Potato Company so special. It is a company that is growing quickly, but they haven’t lost sight of their roots.”

Wow, speaking of Blushing Belles…thanks Tyler!

Everybody loves Creamers

Another thing Tyler loves about his job is the fact that he’s growing a product that tastes great and is great for you.

“I really enjoy the fact that we are producing a product that everybody loves. When people hear that we grow for The Little Potato Company, they always say how much they enjoy our potatoes. Every get-together I attend, it seems that Creamer potatoes are on the menu, and it’s pretty special to think that some of those were grown on our farm.”

And when it comes to Little Potatoes, how does the man who grows them as they served?

“My favorite way to prepare Creamer potatoes is with some dill and butter in a tin foil pouch on the barbecue. But really, Little Potatoes are hard to beat no matter how they are prepared.”

We couldn’t agree more.