It’s January and we all know what that means…trying to recover from cookies, decadent meals and cocktails. If you’re already tired of a blasé salad for lunch, you’re not alone. Most people only dedicate 10 days to their “Shape up in the New Year Resolution.” Don’t despair! There is hope for your salads and meals.

Little Potatoes are:

  1. vegetables with benefits
  2. low-cal and
  3. highly nutritious.

At only 20 calories each, you can add these to any meal and not break your diet. Plus, potatoes fill you up, staving off cravings for naughty treats. No-sodium, gluten- and fat-free Creamers have essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, antioxidants, potassium, and fiber that give you healthy energy. Research shows that a well-balanced diet including foods high in potassium and low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a factor in both stroke and heart disease. And, potatoes are a tasty way to eat your veggies, counting towards the daily recommended five (U.S.) to 10 (Canada) servings of fruit and vegetables.

If you are watching your weight or just making wellness a 2016 priority, there’s no need to eat bland, lackluster dishes. Try these five top recipes for a wholesome start to 2016—all as good for you as they are pretty and flavorful:

Light Salmon & Potato Chowder
“Luscious, without the guilt of regular creamy soups.” Spiked with red pepper flakes, thyme, garlic and red peppers, this colorful chowder from Cookin’ Canuck mixes rich salmon chunks with corn and Little Reds (calories: 323).

Healthy Creamer Potato and Lentil Shepherd’s Pie
With skin-on mashed Little Fingerlings as the crust, a rainbow of veggies, and hearty green lentils replacing chicken/beef, this classic light from I Love Vegan delivers “the perfect balance between health and comfort.”

Veggie Power Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing
“A lunch that will re-energize you” from Cocoa Bean, The Vegetable reinvents the salad genre with crunch—carrot ribbons, crisp-edged Creamer “croutons,” green lentils, and whole red endive.

Chimichurri Roasted Potato & Chicken 
With this one, in 30 minutes you have a healthy and flavorful meal in one dish with easy clean-up! Oh, and did we mention it has only 233 calories per serving?

Two-Bite Vegan Baked Potatoes
Fully loaded Little Fingerlings with smooth, moist centers from I Love Vegan (there’s a Tex-Mex version, too).