Looking for healthy side dishes to start the year out right? These favorite recipes are so delectable, you’ll never guess they’re low-calorie, too. (And, don’t miss our wellness-minded dinner, soup, and appetizer options, either.) Here’s to a year of good health, feeling ship-shape, and eating well!

Rainbow Salad On-The-Run

 If you need to grab something nutritious for your work lunch, reach for pretty, to-go Veggie Loaded Summer Potato Salad Jars. This layered salad has substance and plenty of crunch, too, thanks to fiber-filled, “good carb”-packed, Little Yellows and Little Reds, plus crudité—namely, spinach, shredded cabbage, bell peppers, and sweet-sharp red onions. So it won’t leave you feeling famished again by 3 pm. Chopped fresh parsley adds a bright note, complemented by a citrusy Tahini-lemon-maple syrup-garlic dressing. Potato salad jars are also perfect for picnics, beach lunches or to jazz up the BBQ party table. This isn’t just any old salad! (Calories per serving: 330)



Revved-up Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes? Excellent. Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes? Even better. Rustic-style and chunky, sprinkled with minced fresh garlic, they look tantalizing and taste even better, elevated with creamy, rich-tasting microwave ready A Little Garlic & Parsley, butter, and S&P. The key ingredient, though, is Greek yogurt, which lends a pleasant tanginess to the dish. This recipe makes a lovely addition to the buffet or potluck table, served in an attractive ceramic or wooden bowl. Bonus: you can whip this side together in 10 minutes or less. (Calories per serving: 150)


Crunchy and Colorful Super-Salad

Potatoes and Green Bean Salad is one of our favorites because it’s so colorful. It’s also fully loaded, so you can make it a meal in one or a generous side dish. Add some grilled chicken or fish—like seared tuna, if you like. Nutrition-packed, this one includes crunchy green beans, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and microwave-ready A Little Garlic & Parsley, spiked with lemon juice. Quick and simple, you can serve it warm as a side dish or cold with a picnic or on the potluck table. (Calories per serving: 194)


A Better Tater Tot

In the wellness world, greasy, deep-fried tater tots are no-nos. Not these. Healthy Baked Herb and Garlic Tater Tots have that nice crispy outside without all the fat. Compare the calories: A medium serving of Sonic Drive-In tots (5 ounces) packs 360 calories. Ours? 130. First, you cook the Little Potatoes, then mash them with tapioca flour, salt, chopped chives, and cream cheese, and bake til browned in the oven. Little Yellows Creamers give a buttery flavor and smooth texture to the inside. These are great for dipping. (Calories per serving: 130)


Upgraded Greek Salad

Toasted pine nuts, salty feta and nicely bitter kalamata olives bring a Greek salad flavor to traditional vinaigrette-tossed potato salad. This one uses tender, slightly sweet Little Reds as the backdrop, plus plump cherry tomatoes and minced red onion, combined with a dill-lemon juice-olive oil-parsley dressing. Serve as a side with grilled chicken or fish. Opa! (Calories per serving: 204)