If you dream of playing the perfect host with a spotless house and all the hors d’oeuvres set out prettily on the table before the first guest arrives, but the reality is you’re still half dressed and vacuuming with something boiling over on the stove when the doorbell rings, this is for you.

New Year’s Eve is supposed to be fun!

It’s a special jovial night about cutting loose with good friends, turning over a new leaf, and toasting the fresh year ahead. So even if you’re hosting the celebration, of course, you want to enjoy yourself, too.

Here’s how: Elegant yet unfussy appetizers that are simple to put together and can be prepared ahead of time.

Try these top crowd-pleasers.

Perfect party bites (5 minutes to assemble!)


Little Potato Top Overs are cute, festive, and colorful, not to mention good for you. And, they literally take five minutes to assemble. All you do is cook tri-color Little Trios (microwave if you’re pressed for time) straight out of the bag, since they come pre-washed. Slice each in half, scoop out a tiny bit, and fill with your choice of flavored cream cheese, hummus, or creamy salad dressing like Ranch. Top with anything from halved cherry tomatoes, cilantro sprigs or celery leaves, pickle or radish slices, or chopped fresh chives, then sprinkle with fresh-cracked pepper or paprika to add pizazz. Serve right away or chill ‘til party time.

New school pizza (1o minutes prep time)


Everyone loves pizza, but it’s goopy and greasy — not the best hors d’oeuvre for your dressy gala. Potato Pizza Skewers solve that dilemma. Also, these are perfect for making ahead, if you like, though prep time is only 10 minutes. They’re tasty, tantalizing, and uncomplicated to nibble: a bamboo skewer stacked with juicy cherry tomatoes, a wedge of mozzarella, a slice of pepperoni, and buttery Little Potatoes, boiled and tossed in dried basil and oregano. Serve with a side of Marinara or Ranch for dipping. If you want to elevate the offering, upgrade to a nutty Friulano cheese and some artisan charcuterie. Presto!

Gourmet chips


Up your chef cred by putting out a basket of Homemade Potato Chips with Seeds. Not only are these nutritious — loaded with flax, chia, sesame, poppy, and hemp seeds, plus a sprinkling of sea salt, and baked in the oven (versus fried) with a drizzle of canola — they’re delicious and interesting. You’ll impress your friends with the effort and they’ll love the nutty crisp crunch. You can prepare these, then store in a Tupperware and crisp them briefly in the oven right before serving. Match with a flight of frosty craft beer.

Mexican fiesta


Nacho Roasted Potatoes with Easy Homemade Queso are spunky one-bites with just the right amount of south-of-the-border spice and a sharp cheddar-salsa sauce. Make the queso a day or two before and refrigerate, and prep the Little Trios in advance, too, tossing them in oil and coating them with the cumin, salt, garlic, and chili powder spice mix. Then roast the potatoes at party time, reheating the sauce while they’re baking. Garnish each with a colorful, fancy toothpick and serve warm with the side of queso.

Sophisticated & healthy


Vegetarians will be wowed by Food + Wine-worthy Grilled Zucchini Potato Rolls with Goat Cheese, as will everyone else. These are clean and bright with a yin-yang combination of tastes and textures: tart goat cheese, silky Little Trios spiked with aromatic rosemary and sweet and tender zucchini with a hint of smokiness. Prepare these in advance — rolling roasted Creamers in thin-sliced grilled zucchini strips, stuffed with goat cheese — then bring them back up to room temperature, or reheat slightly in the oven, and pass them around on a stylish serving dish dotted with fresh basil.

Eat, be merry, and sail into the New Year with ease and panache. Happy toasting!

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