5 delicious breakfast recipes for holiday leftovers

5 delicious breakfast recipes for holiday leftovers 5 delicious breakfast recipes for holiday leftovers

It’s the Day After and you’ve got a fridge loaded with holiday leftovers. What to do? Here’s an idea beyond the requisite turkey-and-cranberry sandwiches: breakfast!

Try our five top recipes:

1. Frittata

Use your Christmas ham extras for Potato Ham Frittata with Rocket Greens, a one-pan breakfast or casual dinner. No-peel/no-wash Creamers with diced ham, fresh eggs, cream and cheddar make a rich frittata. Arugula, or rocket greens, add zip. If you’ve got relatives staying over, this recipe makes an impressive brunch dish, too, served hot or at room temperature with a pretty garnish and fruit on the side. Toss in any of your leftover ingredients, or use the frittata as filling for a breakfast wrap or sandwich.

2. Casserole

Surplus ham also goes into No Dishes Grilled Breakfast Casserole. Number of pots and pans needed? Zero. And, if you use our Oven|Grill Ready Little Potatoes, there’s no casserole dish to wash, either. The name is as appealing as this quick-and-easy dish—“a complete breakfast, brunch or brinner.” Combine Creamers, diced ham, sweet peppers, onion and green onion—perhaps add in those leftover carrots, too—plus eggs, milk and cheese, then roast in the oven or on the grill.

3. One-Pan-Skillet with Sausage

We’ve mentioned this one before—another easy pan dish using your leftover Little Potatoes, plus tomatoes, sausages, eggs and aromatic oregano. The All-in-One-Pan Breakfast is so hearty you won’t even have to make lunch. Wrap it up in a tortilla to-go if you’re dashing off to catch the post-holiday store sales.

4. Breakfast Potatoes

Use last night’s Little Potatoes for your own creation of the Best Breakfast Little Potatoes Ever—simply add in peppers (1/2 green and 1/2 red bell),  a couple of cloves of garlic, dash of cayenne, salt and pepper to taste, and 1/2 of an onion, toss in olive oil , then roasted in the oven at 425 until til nicely caramelized, about a half hour. Pair with other leftovers you may have on hand, ham, turkey or eggs on the side.

5. One-Pan-Skillet

Comfort food is in order after holiday madness, and this classic diner dish delivers. Start this recipe on step 2 and add in any protein of your liking: Sausage, Creamer potato and Egg Skillet.

What’s your favorite way to use holiday leftovers and Little Potatoes? Share your recipes on our Pinterest page!


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