Just like red wine with chocolate, and milk with cookies, some combinations are enduring classics. Here’s another: meat and potatoes. But not just any potatoes—Little Potatoes have reinvigorated this duo.

Unlike a big, bland, starchy potato, Creamers have a distinctive, naturally buttery flavor—with some varieties more pleasantly nutty, and others more mineral in taste. Little Reds, for example, is slightly sweet with notes of asparagus and artichoke, and a velvety texture. Little Fingerlings, in addition to their spunky shape, are firm yet fluffy with an earthy taste and nutty finish.

And you thought tasting notes were just for wine!

Try these top five protein-with-Little Potatoes pairings for winning combos you can count on to deliver big on the dining table:

1. Beef

Meat and potatoes? Cozy, hearty, and comforting. A juicy, salty, caramelized steak with potatoes—and the creamier, the better—just feels like home. Try a sirloin pan-fried with a side of Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes. Add a robust Bordeaux red to enhance. The fat and protein in the meat combine with the wine’s tannins to produce a chemical reaction resulting in a superior flavor experience.-1 (Read tips from the pros on how to cook the perfect steak and potatoes.)

2. Chicken

Because it’s so mild, herbed or citrus-spiked chicken complements Creamers well. Ditto for BBQ’d. Potato Shish Kabobs in the Oven mixes colorful veggies with tofu and boneless chicken breast chunks marinated in Balsamic and soy sauce with mustard, oregano, maple syrup, and garlic. Yum! Greek style is also tangy and aromatics: match an herbed, roasted whole chicken with crisp, lemony Skillet Greek Potatoes.

3. Tofu

With a soft and spongy texture, tofu, or soya curd, absorbs the flavors of the ingredients it’s cooked with. A vegan stable, try a savory tofu scramble (replacing eggs) with roasted Little Potatoes. Add broccoli, mushrooms, tomato, bell peppers, and seasonings. Tofu-and-potato hashbrowns also make a flavorful dish and a fun twist on the usual. Or try the above Shish Kabobs minus the poultry.

4. Lentils

These aren’t star chef Michael Smith’s favorites for nothing. He calls them “wildly healthy nutritional powerhouses.” Flat and disk-shaped, slightly crunchy lentils play the perfect foil to buttery Creamers. Try Vegan Pot Pie with green pulses for a tasty and nutrient-rich all-in-one meal. Or whip up a lentil burger and serve it with oven Creamer fries.

5. Fish

Creamers enhance mild, flaky, delicate fish, adding nice texture contrast to the plate. You can use Little Potatoes as a side, to add crunch (i.e., a crispy Swiss Creamer Rösti), as a creamy broth (as in chowder), or as a base, by placing a fillet atop a dollop of whipped mashed potatoes. Instead of the usual fish with a potato side, though, make Salmon, Olive, Bean, and Potato Salad—an ideal warm weather entrée. Healthy and light, this dish is a lovely lunch or light dinner to enjoy on balmy summer nights.


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