3 Ways to Celebrate Dad for Father’s Day

3 Ways to Celebrate Dad for Father’s Day 3 Ways to Celebrate Dad for Father’s Day

Time to thank Dad for everything he does! When Father’s Day rolls around, how will you celebrate the man in your life? We’ve got a few ideas, in case you’re looking for inspiration. Though the main thing is just to tell him how much you cherish him every day of the year, of course.

Dad’s Day Off


Most dads—like moms—work a lot, and a real day off (without chores, errands and a honey-do list) is rare. What does your guy truly like to do? Fishing? A camping trip? Watch old movies, or catch up on the new ones? A lazy afternoon in the hammock? Find out and make it happen. The kids can get into it, too. And make sure it’s an entire day off from dusk to dawn—filled with only the things he likes.

Something on the Grill

What is it about guys and the barbecue? We think it’s fair to say that dads may gravitate toward the grill and enjoy outdoor cooking. For Father’s Day, consider grilling for him. But make it easy on yourself: try this simple and colorful meal featuring Little Potatoes mixed with zucchini and sweet bell peppers, seasoned with balsamic and garlic and cooked in a grill basket. Sweet and earthy red, yellow and blue Terrific Trio Creamers look tantalizing on the plate.

Add a marinated chicken breast, salmon steak or juicy ribeye and his frosty beverage of choice to round off the menu. Before you get started, scan our Ultimate Grilling Tips for an impressive result.

Breakfast in Bed

Being served a fancy tray as you lounge on fluffy pillows makes you feel like the king of the castle. Who doesn’t love it? Get up and sneak down to the kitchen early with the kids to prepare a special breakfast for papa while he sleeps in. Pull out all the stops with a silver tray, your best china, a handmade-with-love card and a petite flower vase. Add fresh-squeezed orange juice and his favorite coffee at the last minute so it’s steaming hot and enticingly aromatic.

The Sausage, Creamer Potato and Egg Skillet cooks in one pan (simple for you) and looks scrumptious. Leeks and mushrooms elevate the classic combo of hearty links with farm-fresh eggs. Garnish with fresh tarragon or parsley.

If you want something more gourmet, serve this beauty: Breakfast Potato Casserole with Hollandaise Sauce. Oregano, cayenne, basil and baby spinach leaves add interest; enhance with bacon if you want to go decadent. Sprinkle with fresh flat-leaf Italian parsley and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano for the final finishing touch. Here’s to the king!

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