3 easy Mother’s Day BBQ recipes

3 easy Mother’s Day BBQ recipes 3 easy Mother’s Day BBQ recipes

Wouldn’t it be nice for Mom to take a day off from the kitchen! After everything Mom does for the family, spoil her this Mother’s Day by getting the kids to help you prepare a special brunch or dinner.

There’s still time to get ready: the big day is this Sunday, May 8th. Here are three suggestions for easy-to-make recipes you can cook on the barbecue to keep things simple and stress-free. Good luck!

3 Eye-candy brunch

This dish is so pretty, she’ll be duly impressed when you set the sizzling cast-iron skillet on the table (on a trivet, of course). All-In-One-Pan Breakfast is just that: a colorful collage of tomato rounds, sausages, sunny-side-up farm-fresh eggs, aromatic oregano and Terrific Trio Creamers in blue, yellow and red.

Just add grill-toasted sourdough, a fruit salad, coffee and OJ on the side, and you’ve got a beautiful brunch. Have the kids crack the eggs and add the ingredients to the pan. (Cook on a medium-high grill instead of in the oven; turn to low for the baking part and close the BBQ lid.)

2 BBQ breakfast casserole

You’ll like the name of this recipe: No Dishes Grilled Breakfast Casserole, a complete breakfast, brunch or “brinner.” It only takes 10 minutes to combine the ingredients: peppers, onions, ham, eggs, cheese and Garlic Herb Oven|Grill Ready Creamers, then about an hour to BBQ.

There are no pots or pans because the casserole cooks in our Oven|Grill ready tray, seasonings including. Garnish with chopped green onions and serve hot. Easy clean-up and huge brownie points for this one!

1 Mexican fiesta

Roast this one on a (closed) grill instead of in the oven, and let the kids prep the veggies and chicken. Because no stirring or monitoring is needed, you can focus on the table and rest of your set-up as it cooks. Chicken Fajita Sheet Pan Dinner is a simple, mildly spicy all-in-one with tender chicken breast chunks, bright bell peppers in yellow, orange, red and green, onions, Terrific Trio Creamers and Mexican herbs—cumin, oregano and chili powder.

Top with cheese, salsa and sour cream, then garnish with fresh-chopped cilantro and serve on a colorful ceramic platter. After all, Cinco de Mayo is May 5th.

TIP: Add a vase of pretty flowers and let the children set a festive table, clear and then rinse and load the dishes, too. Mom can relax in the garden with a magazine and glass of iced lemonade. You’ll be the hero!


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