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The Little Potato Company passionately focuses only on Little potatoes.

Since 1996, we have been the leading farmers of Creamer potatoes – highly nutritious, fully mature and naturally delicious small specialty potatoes. Coveted by foodies and chefs alike, our proprietary colorful Creamers are available in produce sections across the U.S. and Canada. We sell them pre-washed and take special care to ensure their consistent size so you can cook them in just 5 minutes! Our CEO, Angela Santiago, co-founded the company with her father in Alberta, Canada, and we are proud to be a family-owned company. We are also a family-values based company dedicated to serving you nutritious, convenient, and delicious Little potatoes – just like we serve to our own families.



At the Little Potato Company, we believe everyone, everywhere deserves good, nutritious food.

It’s with that purpose that we have become North America’s leader in the breeding, growing, and marketing of proprietary Creamer potatoes.

Founded in 1996, we are a family owned and operated business that is guided by a clear vision, strong core values, and an entrepreneurial, high-collaboration environment that is evident from field to shelf and all points in between.

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Our Community

We believe in giving back and sharing our love for Creamer potatoes with others!

As part of feeding the world better, we focus our charitable contributions to organizations and events that promote health, wellness, family, and community.

Our employees (and their families) volunteer at food banks each year. We also donate potatoes every month too.


Our Community

We grow our unique varieties of Creamer potatoes in a way that is healthy and nourishing from farm to plate.

We see ourselves as stewards of the environment. We take care of our world so the next generation finds it as good or better than when we started. If we work with our environment in a responsible way, Creamer potatoes can feed generations to come.

This starts with carefully selected farmers in both Canada and the U.S. We have longstanding relationships with growers who have similar values to ours and who are interested in continuing to strive for better practices.

We work together with our farmers, to ensure we’re using precious farmland responsibly to get the most nutritious, delicious Creamer potatoes from the least amount of acres. To do this, we use best practices to feed and water the potato plants and maintain soil quality.

We meet or exceed all guidelines and regulations of both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and CanadaGAP™, which are among the highest standards for environmental management and food safety in the world.

We let nature grow our Little potatoes. We manage pests responsibly, using Integrated Pest Management. This involves rotating our crops, isolating any areas that might need pest control and only using treatments when necessary. In other words, we prefer to let nature grow our Creamer potatoes, and only control what needs to be controlled.

Our stewardship commitment carries through to our packaging, sorting and washing facility, where we recycle all our water; capture organic waste for compost and recycle corrugated cardboard and other packaging and paper.

We take careful steps to respect our world and environment and are always looking for ways to get better, so our team and potato lovers everywhere can feel good about serving our Little potatoes.


View the Julian Calendar 2018 to see the packed on date.


For best results, store our Little potatoes in a cool, dry and dark place that is well ventilated.

The optimal temperature should be around 4ºC (39ºF). This should allow them to last for several weeks.

Read more: How to Store Potatoes

No. At The Little Potato Company, we use traditional potato breeding, which involves the natural cross-pollination of cells to produce a new potato plant. We do not use GMOs or any form of genetic modification to produce our potatoes.

We grow our potatoes in Canada and the United States, close to our customers. We think it’s important people know where their food comes from. We encourage you to find out more about our growers.

A single serving of Creamer potatoes contains:

  • Only 90 calories
  • More potassium than a banana
  • More fibre than pasta
  • Good source of iron
  • No fat
  • No sodium
  • No cholesterol

Learn more about nutrition for each of our varietals, in our Product pages.



We were incorporated in 1996, in Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada.

We expanded into the United States years later, and in 2017 opened a second facility in DeForest, Wisconsin, USA.

Read about Our History to learn more.

Yes! We have hundreds of recipes. Visit our Recipe Center to discover inspiration for your next meal, party, or special occasion.

Technically,  yes,  you can, but they won’t result in any potato plants. That’s because the potatoes we sell are table potatoes, not seed potatoes.

Seed potatoes sprout quickly and are used for growing potato plants.

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